Cyrano de Bergerac


At the top of the show, Cyrano approaches the back wall of the stage, which appears to be a chest of drawers. He opens a center door and the action begins.


As the play progresses, more pieces are moved onto the stage and used in scenes, then carried off.


The drawers become benches, platforms, etc. The unit picture above on the right has practical drawers for props, and every other drawer opens to a preset depth so the whole piece becomes a set of stairs actors use to reach the second level.


By the end of the show, the whole back wall is laid bare.


In order to minimize the thickness of the second level platform and the number of legs required, the platform was built from a custom truss grid consisting of 1″ box tube and 3/8″ rod welded between to create the webbing. In the above picture, all the completed trusses are laid out prior to welding the platform structure.


These are some of the modular set pieces: set on edge, they appear to be a drawer or cabinet face, but when pulled out, they become a table or bench.


The stage floor consisted of lauan precut and stained to various widths, and then laid out like a hardwood floor.