Floating Buffet Table


The designer of this event wanted buffet tables that would “float”, so I constructed these tables out of clear acrylic sheet, framed with minimal tube steel and hung from above with thin wire rope.


The concept of the tables were inspired by a similar product seen at another event.


First, I constructed a 3D model of the tables in Google SketchUp. I was able to easily modify the model to fit the specifications of the project and event, and eventually arrived at the above design.


I produced a cost estimate for the project, detailing the material and labor costs.


Once the project was approved, I imported the 3D model into AutoCAD and produced construction drawings.


Here is the final product, backlit by some shimmer drapes and magenta light. Unfortunately, the caterer loaded the tables with heavy glass cubes below each of the dishes, and exceed the weight limits I had specified, hence the noticeable deflection in the tables.