Elegant Gala


The challenge for this event was transforming this university’s gymnasium into an appropriate atmosphere for an elegant gala.


We hung over 300 feet of truss from 24 chain motors to get all of our production gear in the air.


There were 4 main trusses arranged diagonally spanning each quarter of the room with the main moving light fixtures, two more trusses with four 10k projectors across the outside center to project onto an additional four sections of truss holding 10.5’x14′ screens. One more truss formed a box in the middle of the room to hide the scoreboard.


This shows the intersection of two of the main lighting trusses with one of the projection trusses.


The amount of the ceiling we covered with truss allowed for an extremely flexible lighting option, and independent projection trusses to isolate vibrations from the moving lights.


In addition to the lighting, the entire room covered in black and silver drape. The combined effect of the lighting, projection, and scenic elements effectively transformed the room into an elegant space quite different from the university gym.