Lightbox Grids


The producer for this event wanted a grid designed in structural pattern that was built around lightboxes already in Creative Visions’ stock. I designed several different variations in 3D in SketchUp, and the producer decided on the above modular design.

Due to time constraints and shop limitations, I outsourced the production of the grids to a steel fabrication shop. Because I would not be on site during the production, my drawings had to be clear and detailed enough to stand for themselves.


The above drawing details the construction of each modular panel.


This drawing details the brackets that would attach our lightboxes to the grids, and the fastening method.


This drawing shows the construction of the feet.


Because of the modular design of the grids, two different foot styles had to be built, one that would allow each grid to stand alone, and one that would allow another grid to attach directly beside it. The auxiliary feet and couplers also allowed the secondary grids to pivot up to 30° up- or down-stage.


The final grids on stage during the event, using the couplers and auxiliary feet allowing an arrangement of three sets of three grids each.

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