David R. Whitney

Anna Michener Cabin

Anna Michener Cabin is located at 40°00’31.3″N 77°22’55.6″W. The closest parking is at the Anna Michener Parking Lot. The hike in is .75 miles along the Appalachian Trail and .25 miles along a connector trail to the cabin.

Outdoor Fires

Anna Michener Cabin has an outdoor fire pit and park-style grill near the cabin next to a picnic table.


There is a spring about 65 yards west of the cabin just off of Dead Woman Hollow Trail. At the time, there was plenty of water flowing out of the spring into a stream that ran south from that point.


There is a privy immediately to the east of the cabin.

Prescribed Burn

The area immediately surrounding the cabin was a part of a prescribed burn in 2017. You hike through this area for most of the .25-mile trail from the Appalachian Trail to the cabin, and again on the Dead Woman Hollow Trail. The forest has only sparsely grown back since then, but this provides a beautiful sunrise view that would otherwise be hidden by the forest.


In addition to the Appalachian Trail .25 miles to the north of the cabin, there is also the Blueberry Trail heading south from the cabin and the Dead Woman Hollow Trail heading west. Combining the two trails will create a 4.1-mile loop. There is a nice overlook at the peak of the mountain about a half mile south of the cabin on Blueberry Trail.

Blueberry Trail Overlook

The half-mile portion of the Dead Woman Hollow Trail that goes through the prescribed burn area is difficult to follow because the blazes are not frequent and the trail is overgrown with bushes and shrubs. As of July 2020, it was still navigable, though easier heading westward than eastward. The blazes are sometimes supplemented with fluorescent pink flagging tape on trees or bushes.

Trail Profile:

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