David R. Whitney

Corbin Cabin

Corbin Cabin is located at N38° 36.135′, W78° 20.679′. It is most accessible by parking at the Corbin Cabin Cutoff Parking along Skyline Drive.

A part of the National Register of Historic Places, there are numerous photos of the cabin available.

Photo Credit: Shenandoah National Park

Outdoor Fires

This cabin is within Shenandoah National Park, and no outdoor fires are permitted except in approved, pre-built structures. While some reports and photos show a fire pit at this cabin, it was no longer there in July 2019.


Corbin Cabin is just yards away from the Hughes River, which provides plenty of water (after purification).

Hughes River


It is a primitive cabin without running water or electricity. It does feature a an outdoor privy for the exclusive use of cabin guests. Because of its proximity to the Nicholson Trail, it is kept locked when not in use.


The Corbin Cabin Cutoff Trail from Skyline Drive to Corbin Cabin is 1.4 miles along a descent of 984 feet. The trail is well-maintained.

Documents report that at around 1.3 miles in, there is a cemetary off the west (right) side of the trail, but I did not see it.

Trail Profile:

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