David R. Whitney

Cross County Trail

The Gerry Connolly Cross County Trail is a 40-mile trail in Fairfax County, VA. This summer I completed 29 miles of that trail over a series of distance runs.

Fairfax Circle to Miller Heights

I did this as part of a 12.25-mile run.

Miller Heights to W&OD Trail

I did this as part of a 14-mile run.

W&OD Trail to Potomac River

I did this as part of an 18.5-mile run.

Fairfax Circle to Eakin Park

I have run this segment dozens of times—but here it is—as part of a 4-mile run.

Eakin Park to Old Keene Mill Road

I did this as part of my last distance training run (20 miles) for the 2019 Marine Corps Marathon.