David R. Whitney

Morris Cabin

Morris Cabin is located at 38°19’35.8″N 78°31’18.1″W. With a four-wheel drive vehicle, there is parking accessible within 50 yards of the cabin.

The south-facing view from the cabin is narrow, but there is a better view from nearby Andy’s Overlook, a 0.25 mile hike.

View from Morris Cabin
View from Andy’s Overlook

Outdoor Fires

Morris Cabin features an outdoor fire pit, an outdoor stone grill, and a kettle-style charcoal grill.


There is a spring nearby that flows into a cast-iron bathtub. At the time I was there, it was flowing fast enough to fill a gallon container in seconds. This is the most reliable water source for at least one other Vining Tract cabin, Johnson Cabin.


There is an outdoor privy at Morris Cabin.

Note: This information is meant to supplement official materials, not to provide a comprehensive overview. It reflects my experience and the observations I made at the time I visited, but conditions and policies may change over time.